Minutes Page

Below you will find links to the approved Town Board meeting minutes, starting January 2010.  Previous Town Board meeting minutes are available upon request from the Town Clerk, during normal business hours.

The minutes are posted to promote citizen awareness of the Town's business and how it is conducted.  You are encouraged to read the minutes, follow the issues, and participate in your Town government.

*** Please keep in mind the following are not the official minutes.  Those are kept by the Town Clerk.  Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information, but these minutes may be subject to unintentional error while posting, as they are "cut and pasted" from word processing files. ***

January 3rd January 17th February 7th February 22nd March 7th March 22nd
April 4th April 19th May 2nd May 16th June 6th June 20th
July 11th merged in July August 1st August 15th September 5th September 19th

January 4th January 18th February 1st February 22nd March 1st March 15th
April 5th April 19th May 3rd May 17th June 7th June 21st
July 5th no quorum July 12th August 2nd August 16th September 6th September 20th
October 4th October 18th November 1st November 15th December 6th December 13th

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