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Enterprise services provided by the Town of Hillrose are water, wastewater and trash disposal.

Through franchise agreements, electrical service is provided by Xcel Energy, 1-800-895-4999, and telephone service is provided by Century Link, 1-866-642-0444.

Occupants are responsible for heating and cooking gas, satellite television, and internet access.  These services are provided by vendors of the user's choice.

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Water (Public Water Supply ID # CO-0144010)

*** For suspected water problems, call Town Hall, 847-3761 or the Morgan County Communications Center, 867-8531 ***

The Town of Hillrose is very unique from other water purveyors in Northeast Colorado, in that the Town has a dual water distribution system.  The Town provides metered indoor, potable drinking water from one water distribution system, and un-metered outdoor, non-potable irrigation water from a second water distribution system.

Indoor Water

The Town provides indoor water, as a consecutive water system to Morgan County Quality Water District (PWSID #CO-0144020).  Treatment consists of a combined disinfection system of ultraviolet light exposure and calcium hypochlorite dosing for chlorine residual.  Water pressures are boosted at the pump station to 70 p.s.i.

*** 2019 Consumer Confidence Report ***
( For the calendar year 2018, using Quality Water for indoor use)

The typical residential indoor water bill is approximately $69.21 per month for a base usage of 5,000 gallons per month and potable water debt fees.  Usage above the 5,000 gallons per month base is surcharged on a tiered system.  While this base charge may seem a bit pricey, it is more than offset by the outdoor water charge (see below).  Tiered water use charges are located on the Billing Codes Page.

Outdoor Water

The Town provides outdoor water from a Town operated well.  Its water source is the South Platte Alluvium, and is augmented by the Lower Platte and Beaver Canal Company.  The cost for un-metered use is $14.42 per month (includes non-potable water debt fees).


The Town does not allow for open hose irrigation.  The outdoor water is also subject to water restrictions during times of limited water availability.

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Wastewater (Colorado Discharge Permit #COG-589030)

*** For suspected sewer problems, call Town Hall, 847-3761 or the Morgan County Communications Center, 867-8531 ***

The Town of Hillrose operates a two stage, total evaporative lagoon treatment system.  The lagoon system has the ability to discharge on demand, allowing the Town to take advantage of changing lagoon conditions and avoiding non-compliance with discharge standards.  The Town utilizes three, efficient technology, solar-powered mixers for aeration.  One mixer in the first stage lagoon also utilizes a shore power adapter during the night time, using as much electricity as a single incandescent light bulb.

The Town does not accept septage waste.

The cost of a tap is $1,000 for the Hillrose Estates Subdivision, $1,500 elsewhere in Town.  The single family unit monthly fee is $42.92 (includes sewer debt fees).  The monthly fee for service outside of the Town limits is double the in-town rate.

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Trash  (Provided by contractor Wolf Waste Removal)                                  Recycling

Call Town Hall for pick-up requests, 847-3761.  Please do not call Wolf Waste Removal.

The Town requires all occupied properties in the Town limits to have trash disposal services.  The Town currently contracts with Wolf Waste Removal for these services.  State statute allows for commercial properties to select their own contractor, all other users are required to use the Town's contractor.  The Town encourages commercial properties to use the Town's contractor.

The current cost for a 96 gallon toter service is $20.20 and is picked up on Mondays (excluding some holidays, and may be the next business day).  The Town allows for shared containers and senior bi-weekly pick-ups.  The service also allows for additional toters, 2-yard containers, and roll-off containers.  Call Town Hall for details, 847-3761.

The Town does not allow the burning of trash.  The Town allows the burning of yard waste 2 hours after sunrise to 2 hours before sunset, except Sundays when burning within the Town limits is prohibited.  Other restrictions apply, call Town Hall for more information.  All burning may be banned at the determination of the Town Board, Morgan County, or the State of Colorado.  Please check prior to burning.  These restrictions do not apply to fire places.

If you do burn yard waste, please be courteous to others, and do not allow smoke or embers to drift onto your neighbors' property.

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