Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What if I can't pay my bill on time or don't have the money? 
A:  Visit or call Town Hall (970) 847-3761 during operating hours to make payment arrangements.  The
  Town understands that tough times can fall on anybody, and is willing to help when possible.
  Making payment arrangements may prevent costly delinquent, turn-off and reconnection fees. 
Q:   I have an empty house or an undeveloped lot.  Why am I getting a bill with the WD or SD charges? 
A:   The WD and SD charges are debt service (loan) payments and are an availability-of-service charge.
   Even if you don't have anyone renting, or don't have a structure on the lot now and are not using the
   services, the Town still has to make the loan payments.  All lots, whether occupied or not, are
   required to share the payment of these loans.
Q:   My friends have Quality Water, and they don't pay $65.03 a month.  Why do we pay so much more? 
A:   The Town had the opportunity to join Quality Water in the 1970's but decided not to participate.
   Quality Water has improved on their system since, and the improvements Quality made did not
   include the demand the Town would put on Quality's system.  The extra the Town pays represents
   the improvements the Town needed to construct a water tank, booster pump station, distribution
   system, water meters, etc., to service the Town.  It would not be equitable to Quality's long term
   customers to share the costs needed to provide service to the Town.  Additionally, Quality Water's
   customers do not enjoy the unmetered outside watering the Town provides.
Q:   Why can't I contract with the trash provider of my choice?  Why do I have to use the Town's
A:   By ordinance, non-commercial property owner's must use the Town's contractor.  The Town
   negotiates disposal rates with a contractor based on a minimum number of users.  This rate is
   typically lower than what can be negotiated individually.  To accommodate the different needs and
   volumes of the individual users, the Town offers a variety options such as bi-weekly senior pick-up,
   2 yard dumpsters, additional 96 yard toters, etc.
Q:   I had a little extra trash this week, I set it out by the toter but it did not get picked up.  Why? 

  We all have an extra amount of trash now and then, but all trash must be in a toter.  The lid must
   be closed to keep animals from getting into it, stop the wind from blowing it around, and prevent
   spilling when the toter is dumped.  The truck drivers do not get out of the trucks, so all trash must
   be in a toter. If you have extra trash, call Town Hall for a one time solution.  If you repeatedly have
   extra trash, you may need an additional toter.
Finger Pointing to Important Information 
   As a warning, the lid must be closed or a citation can be issued.  Trash containers cannot be

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