Area Recreation

Hillrose has many recreational opportunities:

For children and adult sports activities, most area residents rely on the City of Brush!, City of Fort Morgan or the City of Sterling Recreation Departments.  Please use the following links access these sites:

City of Brush! Recreation        City of Fort Morgan Recreation        City of Sterling Recreation

Looking for something to do in the area?  Check out this link - Northeast Colorado Tourism.  This site covers a lot of the activities all over Northeast Colorado - dates, times, places and contacts.  Pick a county, then pick an interest!

CPW Logo Northeast Colorado
Division of Wildlife Service Center
122 East Edison Street
Brush, CO  80723
(970) 842-6300

Hunting and fishing are extremely popular in the Hillrose area.  There is rich fertile farm land all around which attract wildlife, the Prewitt Reservoir and the South Platte River which has four Colorado State Wildlife Areas:

•  Brush SWA
•  Cottonwood SWA                  Colorado Parks & Wildlife - State Wildlife Areas
•  Elliot SWA                               Use this link to find out more information on these SWAs
•  Messex SWA

As always - ASK FIRST!! before hunting or fishing on private land.  Know the restrictions of each SWA by clicking the link above.

Popular fishing areas include the Prewitt Reservoir, Wacker Ponds (SW Cottonwood SWA) and Chartier's Pond (Brush SWA).                   Colorado Parks & Wildlife - Stocking Report and Archives

For a map, directions and restrictions for the
Prewitt Reservoir, click on the link to the right.
Prewitt Reservior Map

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