Dog and Cat Questions

Q:  Why do we license dogs and cats? 
A:  The Town requires licenses on all pets over 3 months of age.  Because we do not own or operate
   an "animal shelter", we need to know what homes pets belong to so we can return the animal to the
   owner and avoid the costs of impoundment.  (This keeps the pet owner from having to pay
   impound fees which start at $65).  If we are unable to locate the owner or if the owner's premises
   does not have adequate outdoor fencing to contain a dog, we have to impound the animal.  Cats are
   not required to be contained.
Q:   Why does the Town require rabies vaccinations? 
A:   Rabies is making a significant impact in Eastern Colorado again.  Since the Town is near the
   river bottom and surrounded by farmland and sandhills, our animals can be in contact with
   wildlife (foxes, coyotes, and skunks), which might carry the rabies infection.  By requiring current
   rabies vaccinations as part of our licensing, we are keeping the pets, citizens and visitors safe.
Q:   My dog/cat has a current license.  Why are you sending me a notice for a new rabies vaccination
A:   The Ordinance requiring the dog/cat license also requires a current rabies vaccination for that license
   to be valid.  We know how busy everyone's lives are, and we send the reminder as courtesy so in
   case you forget to update the vaccination, you can get it prior to the Code Enforcement Officer
   visiting you (with a ticket).  The notice is strictly a courtesy (we'd rather see the current vaccination
   instead of you seeing the judge).
Q:   I have a 3-year rabies vaccination and still got a notice!  What is a "current" rabies vaccination?
A:   While there is a 3-year available, under advisement from the State Veterinarian, the Town only
   accepts a 2-year as being current.  This is because in our level of exposure in a rural environment,
   the 3-year may not provide adequate protection towards the end of the 3-years.

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